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Fifth victory for the German on the Marina Bay track

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Fifth victory for the German on the Marina Bay track

Sep 22, 2019 at 6:19 pm CEST



F1 GP Singapore

"A shame, because it was to finish easy seventh"Sainz said in statements after the race on the Marina Bay street circuit, where he was last after that puncture, but he held out on the track in search of the exit of a safety car that would allow him to get close to the rest of the cars.

Sainz appreciated that they could "go up" until 12th place, but it was "a shame" not getting to the points, just as he regretted getting that touch from Hülkenberg in the first lap, when he was fighting for sixth place.

"After a good start trying to attack (Alexander) Albon, they gave me a touch from behind, I imagine it was Nico, who came to ask me for half forgiveness afterwards. I think even he knows that when he saw me open up to attack Albon he was a bit optimistic", said the Madrilenian on the maneuver of the Renault that caused his puncture.

"I’m not happy, it was not a day to risk, neither for Nico, going the two seventh and eighth we would have done better, be patient, take four points him and I six"he added.

The Spanish pilot regretted having suffered this incident on a circuit "so hard to overtake", and explained that once he was last, his plan was to wait for the exit of a security car that would allow him to re-engage the group

"It took a long time, it seemed like it was never going to come out, we managed to unfold, but I didn’t get to the car train, and then nothing from there, today we didn’t have to be in the fight with (Daniil) Kvyat, we had to be escaped ahead"Sainz added.

The McLaren driver, who has three Grand Prix out of the points, two due to mechanical problems and the latter due to the puncture, recalled that last year they also had three blank races and managed to recover points later.

Ferrari resurrects Vettel under Singapore night

Sainz: "We have had a very good weekend so far"

"Last year it also happened to us, having three consecutive races without adding up, and then when things stopped happening, the sixths arrived, the fifths, let’s hope that from Russia we will return to the points", ended.

Ross Brawn, current sporting director of the Formula 1 World Championship at the hands of Liberty Media, has advanced the outlines of what the new cars could be in the 2021 season. In a gathering with technicians and engineers organized in the hours before the start of the Singapore GP, the British has unveiled a virtual image of the car that has already been around the world thanks to social networks.


On 09/14/2018 at 09:30 CEST


F1 GP Singapore

The design Brawn envisions captures several of the points Liberty intends to introduce into the technical regulations for 2021, in order to make racing more exciting and more engaging for fans. 

The model of the car – a Ferrari- includes, for example, futuristic spoilers and 18-inch wheels, endorsed by Mario Isola, Pirelli’s chief executive officer, also present at the Singapore technical seminar. In general, the aim is for the 2021 cars to be simpler, with lower costs and more margin to favor overtaking and spectacle.

The halo is maintained, although with a more integrated design to the car and with the base in carbon fiber.

Few circuits more spectacular than the one in Singapore. Urban, nocturnal and as we saw yesterday, absolute equality on the track. Ferrari, who did not enter the pools to be in the first row of the grid, achieved pole position thanks to a Leclerc who continues to amaze the paddock. His fifth of the season and the third in a row. Like the victory you can achieve today.


On at 16:23 CEST

Arnau montserrat


F1 GP Singapore

To avoid this, there is Hamilton, who was not comfortable in yesterday’s qualy and must show the best race pace that the Mercedes have. Vettel will also be in the fight with the English. The two have four victories in Singapore. 

Sainz comes out seventh and wants to score his first points after the holiday break. His performance yesterday was stellar and should top it off. The Mclaren works and it shows. Don’t miss a detail of what happens at the Singapore Grand Prix with SPORT.es.



FERRARI WON. Leclerc lost. Vettel pointed again at the Singapore sky. It has been a pleasure as always! See you in a week in Russia. Greetings.

The wait is over &# 128525; # F1 #SingaporeGP pic.twitter.com/o6V4MUiWdZ

– Formula 1 (@ F1) September 22, 2019


Leclerc second and Verstappen third close the podium. Hamilton fourth and Bottas fifth. What a Mercedes fiasco.


VICTORY FOR VETTEL! Singapore is your kingdom. Fifth victory for the German on the Marina Bay track.


LAST LAP! Vettel and Leclerc will monopolize the first two seats. Now … they will have to manage the Leclerc fire.


Leclerc has raised his foot. Nothing to do. Vettel will win the Singapore Grand Prix. Lap 58/61.


Vettel marks the fastest lap of the race. The extra bit for him right now.


Hamilton pushing Verstappen very hard. Will he risk or think about the World Cup?


7 laps to go and they already allow the use of the DRS. Leclerc one second behind Vettel.


GREAT SAINZ! Pass to Magnussen and it’s already P12.


The Safety Car leaves … the third today. Vettel again with the obligation to defend himself from Leclerc.


SAFETY CAR. The third … Lap 51 of 61.


ACCIDENT BETWEEN KVYAT AND RÄIKKONEN! Two more positions for Sainz. P13.


Vettel managing a win that has half won. Leclerc is not going to risk. 1 second between the two.


The one who has done great these two Safety Cars is Sainz. It’s already P15.


Leclerc much better in this resumption than in the previous one. 14 lap mini race!

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Exciting is the race that the Singapore GP has brought us this Sunday, the first night race in the wet in the history of Formula 1, full of incidents from the start, with a double KO of the Ferraris, the Red Bull of Max Verstappen and the subsequent abandonment of Fernando Alonso as a result of the damage to his car.


On at 20:24 CEST

Josep Viaplana @ F1viaplana


F1 GP Singapore

The most benefited from this ‘crazy’ race has been Lewis Hamilton, who has won and extends his lead in the World Championship to 28 points over Vettel. And deserved applause to Carlos Sainz, who shone with his own light under the lights of Marina Bay, achieving his best result in F1: fourth. 

We detail in three important keys what the Singapore GP has given of itself.

1. Carlos Sainz will end the year with Toro Rosso

Renault has put on the table, within the package of agreements it has reached with Red Bull, the possibility that Carlos Sainz will race with his team at the next Malaysian GP in two weeks. They want to speed up the adaptation of the Madrid driver to the car as soon as possible. In some moments it has been taken for granted, but according to my information it will not be done. First, because Jolyon Palmer has a contract in force and any unilateral termination would have to be financially compensated with many millions.

On the other hand, relations between Renault and Red Bull have not been very cordial after the operation. The energy drinks firm has been left with the power to recover Carlos to run in his first promo code for 1xbet team in the future and Renault has already let them know that they are looking for a new engine for 2019. Finally, the points that Sainz is providing Toro Rosso, who has added 48 of the 52 they have in their locker, are worth their weight in gold and the economy of the Faenza team cannot afford it. 

2. A disastrous ‘career set’ for Vettel

The FIA ​​stewards, after listening to Vettel, Raikkonen and Verstappen after the race and reviewing the videos of the incident that took place in the opening meters of the Singapore GP, considered that none of them deserved to be sanctioned for the action, which left them they were out of combat and also Fernando Alonso, who was passing through the interior of the track and was the collateral victim. The technicians, having all the tests on the table and after speaking with the drivers, indicated in a statement that “Raikkonen had a very good start and tried to overtake Verstappen on the left. At the same time, Vettel, who had a worse start, moved to the left side of the track; cars # 33 and # 7 collided at that moment causing a chain accident with # 5 and # 14 at the next turn. A ‘career set’ that was disastrous for Vettel, who saw all the stars aligning themselves against him. First the rain and then the bad start, giving a few meters, a few, which were decisive.

3. Alonso’s most thoughtful decision

For weeks, months, it has been speculated incessantly what Fernando Alonso will do in 2018. There was talk of Ferrari, Mercedes … some doors are closing but he remains intact in his thought that next year he will have a car to win races . In Singapore, in a series of cascading announcements, many of the movements planned for 2018 have been revealed, although their future remains a mystery. There he has indicated that in a couple of weeks, at most, he will get us out of doubts.

Everything indicates that after McLaren’s move to break relations with Honda and reach a new agreement with Renault, which will supply them with engines next year, Fernando Alonso will stay with the Woking team for at least one more year. But the Asturian wants guarantees before stamping his signature, he wants to know the evolution that Renault will follow and what engines it will supply to McLaren. Anyway, he is still very ready to face the challenge of Le Mans and Indianapolis.

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